Friday 14 January 2011

Ultimate Tennant Suit -
the FINISHED calico test

If you’ve been following the progress making the calico test for The Ultimate Tennant Suit – then this is what you’ve been waiting for!

It’s finished! Yippe!

I’ve hand-stitched the last bits around the collar, and set the four buttonholes and buttons (see left).

I’ve also done some other minor stitch work, just to help keep everything in its place.

Here’s a detail shot of the breast pocket, which I’m pretty happy with.

I just need to watch out for the chest dart, to make sure the pinstripes align across the bottom of the pocket. It didn’t quite work on this test (see right).

And this is the outer pocket, of which I only did one on this test, as I’ve done a few of these now in various test forms.

I now have these nailed! (see left).

Finally, a close-up of the lapel, which I have sized to the pinstripes of the fabric as a guide.

It needs some tweaking, but that can come in time before I cut the jacket for real.

Let me know what you think. Comments welcome.


  1. Wow! Just Frigging WOW! Never mind the finished product, this looks excellent as it is!

  2. I've been following this with great interest. It will truly be the ultimate Tennant suit! The test looks fantastic.

  3. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! Cant wait to see the final product.

  4. Oh my I am so excited...

    I have been waiting to see this one come together for a LONG time!