Wednesday 27 July 2011

Ultimate Tennant Suit does SDCC 2011

This past weekend was the San Diego Comic Con.

It’s one of the biggest conventions in the US, and is a major draw for the cosplay community. All manner of costumes from every show you can think of and as many you have never heard of get to be paraded around the venue.
One costume you will know if you read this blog is the Ultimate Tennant Suit, worn by Kevin Coppa.

During the weekend he had the chance to get some great portrait shots taken by Lydia Chen.

Here are the photos she took, while Kevin picks up the story to the photoshoot.

So I got to take the Ultimate Tennant suit to The San Diego Comic Con 2011. Steve had done an incredible job as always and after he and I both got to show it off in public for the first time at Gallifrey One 2010, it was time to take it to it’s sophomore geek-gathering.

Thursday 14 July 2011

I spy with my little eye

Over the past few year, Magnoli Clothiers in New Zealand have been progressively working through the canon of Tennant Ties.

So far they has tackled Tie Two, the Daniel Hechter (see below, left); Tie Four, the Christian Lacroix (see below, centre); and Tie Ten, the St George By Duffer (see below, right)

Known to be in the pipeline are two popular ties: Tie Seven, the Giorgio Armani; and Tie Eight, the Nina Ricci.

Well, if you take a look on the Overstock Section of the website, there is a Tennant Suit jacket for sale (see below).

If you look very closely the photograph is taken with an early test version of the Tie Eight!