Saturday 16 August 2014

St George by Next

Last year I showed you a tie being sold at Matalan, which was the right colour combination and a similar design to the St George by Duffer as worn by David in The Day Of The Doctor.

The following month I also came across a tie being sold by Scott Allen which used the exact same loom-weave as the Thomas Nash from The Idiot’s Lantern, but again in a radically different colour way. It was thread-for-thread the same, just in an uninspiring grey and silver.

Well today, almost a year the the day later, one of my readers was out shopping and came across something quite surprising.

Next are currently stocking a tie which is a dead ringer for The Day Of the Doctor St George by Duffer, but in a striking pink colour scheme!

This was spotted in the Portsmouth branch. It’s only £8 (compared to the £14 of the original St George tie) with the flowers in pink and lilac on a navy blue background.

Looking at it closer, the flowers are really reminiscent of the St George tie.

I wondered if they did another colour that was closer to, or fingers crossed, the same as screen-worn.

So I went into my own local branch and found the tie - in a second colour choice, but still not the dark brown and sky blue. Damn.

Once I got it how I put it alongside my St George tie and realised it IS the exact same loom-weave.

As you can see from these photos, the flowers are IDENTICAL, it is purely the colour choice that differentiates them.

This, along with the Scott Allen version of the Thomas Nash tie, makes me think that manufactures in the Far East have designs on their books which they sell to retailers who then choose what colours they want them in.

Having now seen two versions, I’m wondering if there are further colour ways. Can you help?
Do you have a branch of Next near you? Does your branch stock a tie in a closer colour match? If so, drop me a line at 
and share what you have found.
As an aside, I also spotted a rather creepy tea-light holder in the form of a cherub which reminded me of those in The Angels Take Manhattan.

Don’t blink!!


  1. I found a version of the 50th St. George tie on eBay, available on several colours, such as a charming toxic waste green, and the obvious brown. The brown is a wee bit too bright, but honestly, they go for 7$ each. It's good enough for those a bit late to the party, with limited funds. They're also mass produced, so stock should last approximately forever.

  2. I picked up one of the original (50th anniversary) St. George ties today from my local Debenhams. I think they could be reissuing them. It made my day.