Sunday 20 November 2011

Duffer tie on eBay

After a long absence I see another St George by Duffer tie has hit eBay.

As I deviously reported, ties like this have often reached prices such as £92 and £112.

The US seller of this tie was a bit more savvy than previous, and clearly knew what he had and its worth.

This time around there was a bidder’s dilemma – either bid conventionally, starting at $99, or buy it outright for $349.

I noticed that a bidder did both, by placing a maiden bid then revising it to the BuyItNow price, which at £224.94 is by far the highest one of these ties has gone for.

I see it has gone to a good home . . .

Friday 18 November 2011

Bonhams auction - 15th December 2011

Doesn’t time fly!
It doesn’t seem that long since the last Bonhams auction, and the next in December is soon upon us.

The online catalogue has been posted and there 23 Doctor Who items, most of which are from the Tennant era.

Amongst them are some of Tennant’s SUITS! But don’t get too excited – none are the pinstripe versions – they are all relating to Human Nature and Family Of Blood, when The Doctor is incognito as a school teacher.

As usual I have separated the items by Doctor era, and you can see the rest of the items here:

Here are just the lots relating to the Tenth Doctor
Lot 157
Doctor Who - The Christmas Invasion, December 2005
A partial Sycorax costume, comprising: a full length red velvet robe, with split side-seam for arms, and hook and eye fastenings to back; a pair of gauntlets with rubberised metal effect wrist braces and gloves coated in plastic shards giving stone effect, both labelled inside Sycorax Leader Gauntlets; a pair of boots being shoes with coarse wool fabric over upper and to leg portion and fibreglass metal effect boot covers, one labelled inside KARL; together with a brown leather belt, with square cut detail and brass buckle (6)

Estimate: £350 − 450
Sold for £563

Tuesday 15 November 2011

Magnoli replica Giorgio Armani tie - review

Over the past few years Magnoli Clothiers in New Zealand have been releasing a series of replica Tennant Ties; from the original Daniel Hechter (see far left); to the iconic Christian Lacriox (see left, middle); as well as the St George by Duffer (see near left).

All good ties, but the one which was worn the most, the Giorgio Armani, as been a long time coming.

Today the postman brought me a narrow, thin, long package . . .  my Magnoli replica Girogio Armani tie!

Carefully opening the packaging, I found it wrapped in cellophane. The tie inside looked great!

The Girogio Armani tie is Tie Seven in my Tie Index, and although I don’t own an original, I have seen one close-up, and from what I recall this is a pretty good replica.

I cannot vouch for the weave and scale of the design, but it has been worked directly from an original - abet blue version - so the shapes and proportions should be spot on.