Tuesday 15 November 2011

Magnoli replica Giorgio Armani tie - review

Over the past few years Magnoli Clothiers in New Zealand have been releasing a series of replica Tennant Ties; from the original Daniel Hechter (see far left); to the iconic Christian Lacriox (see left, middle); as well as the St George by Duffer (see near left).

All good ties, but the one which was worn the most, the Giorgio Armani, as been a long time coming.

Today the postman brought me a narrow, thin, long package . . .  my Magnoli replica Girogio Armani tie!

Carefully opening the packaging, I found it wrapped in cellophane. The tie inside looked great!

The Girogio Armani tie is Tie Seven in my Tie Index, and although I don’t own an original, I have seen one close-up, and from what I recall this is a pretty good replica.

I cannot vouch for the weave and scale of the design, but it has been worked directly from an original - abet blue version - so the shapes and proportions should be spot on.

From what I gather the darker brown circles of the original have a narrow twill or pinstripe, which it has not been possible to replicate accurately.

This is a minor point, and the rest of the tie far out-weighs this shortcoming.

At $60 it is well worth the money to fill in a gap in your tie wardrobe.
The original Armani tie was worn in no less than twelve episodes (Love And Monsters, Army Of Ghosts, Doomsday, Smith And Jones, The Shakespeare Code, Gridlock, Fires of Pompeii, The Family Of Blood, Turn Left, The Stolen Earth, Planet Of The Dead) so it’s possible now to cosplay a good quarter of the Tenth Doctor’s adventures with ONE tie!

Rock on!


  1. Oh cool!

    I wonder if Magnoli has to leap through any legal hoops to sell reproductions of designer neckties!

    Glad to finally see this one made.

  2. Actually, it's the lighter brown that had the weave that couldn't be copied. I don't know the name of that type of weave, but it was pretty complex and had a lot of depth. I look forward to comparing one of these side by side with my original.

  3. Mine arrived in the mail today and I must say that I am very happy with it. It just looks and feels stunning.

  4. Ohhh! You guys have me so excited to its arrival! I hope it shows up in the mail today!

    However pumpkiny, I was wondering about the weight of the tie. I have some Armani ties and they are wafer thin and tie tiny knots, but I also have another that is much thicker. Since you have seen both up close how was the original screen used tie made? Judging from the knot you tied for display, Magnoli's tie looks to be on the thicker side.

  5. @ seven and ten
    As I say I do not have an original Armani tie to compare to, but it does match the weight and feel of the previous woven Magnoli ties, such as the Utopia, Hechter or Swirly ones.

    Hope that helps.

  6. It looks like the color is more brown than the onscreen one. Is this true in real life?

  7. seven and ten: The original Armani tie is the heaviest tie I own, considerably more so than Magnoli's ties. They are still a nice weight, though.