Wednesday 17 December 2014

Titan comic covers issue 5 -
photo cover variant

This week is issue five of Titan Comics’ New Adventures With The Tenth Doctor.
I didn’t report on last month’s issue as it didn’t have any covers worth mentioning, but this issue does have an image worth flagging up.

It has the usual graphic art cover, but for subscribers only there is a second photo variant.

The photo cover version has a nice picture of David in full costume, taken from the archive of publicity stills used for The End Of Time in 2009.
The pose is the same, but the hang of the coat and suit is ever so slightly different - and here we see it head to toe for the first time.

Other shots from this shoot appeared on the DVD packaging for the series four specials.

You can buy copies of the Titan Tenth Doctor range from their website

Doctor Who Magazine: The 2015 Yearbook

Today sees a end-of-year special edition yearbook from Doctor Who Magazine.

I don’t usually mention stuff like this, but this contains something a bit special you’ll like to read - especially if you’re a regular reader of my blogs.

The magazine reviews an incredible year for the programme, its spin-offs and the licensed merchandise available.
Highlights include our first major interview with the show’s executive producer, Brian Minchin, in which he reflects on Peter Capaldi’s first year as the Doctor and looks forward to further adventures with the Twelfth Doctor.

  • Features on every episode in Peter Capaldi’s first series
  • Interviews with the team that accompanied Capaldi and Jenna Coleman on the Doctor Who World Tour
  • Fourth Doctor Tom Baker discusses his return to television and audio Doctor Who
  • Eighth Doctor Paul McGann reveals what he thinks about Capaldi’s Doctor
  • Orchestrator and conductor Ben Foster previews the 2015 Symphonic Spectacular
  • Inside the new ‘making of’ show, Doctor Who Extra
  • Behind the scenes at the new Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff
  • Interviews with some of the key players behind recent books, soundtracks, audio dramas, DVDs, Blu-rays and action figures
  • Highlights from the year’s newspaper and magazine reviews of Doctor Who
  • A round up of Doctor Who’s awards and honours from the last 12 months
  • Detailed tributes to the Doctor Who luminaries who passed away in 2014..., and much more!
Also included in the “much more” is an interview with me!

I was approached by Simon Guerrier, who as well as writing for Doctor Who Magazine has written adventures for Big Finish. We met in London a few weeks ago where we chatted about my work and some background information about how I do what I do.

We talked about a number of my projects, including making the Ultimate Tennant Suit from the genuine GAP trousers.

I provided a number of images for use with the article, including getting permission from Louise Page to share the picture of her with the Ultimate Tennant Suit.

I was hoping for maybe a half page, but in the end it turned out as a full page - which is awesome!

The magazine is available at
WH Smiths from
Thursday 18th December 2014

Thursday 4 December 2014

St George by Rip-off

Of all the original screen-worn ties that come up on eBay, the St George By Duffer tie from Utopia is one of the most common.

They often exchange hands for £75 to £100, so it’s raises some eyebrows to see a tie listed with a BuyItNow of £175.

Do read the update at the end of this posting.

I also noted it uses the very same photos (aside from the main picture) from a listing that closed in March this year, which I reported at the time. That was a listing that started at £3.99 before being pulled and relisted at £99. Hummmmm.

Mens ST GEORGE BY DUFFER 'Dr Who' Brown Floral Silk Tie
****Mens Beautiful Brown Floral ST GEORGE BY DUFFER Silk Tie****

As worn in Dr Who by David Tennant, the 10th Doctor, in episodes 'Utopia', 'The Sound of Drums', and 'The Last of The Time Lords'
There are no nicks, pulls or stains on the tie.

Sold as seen. No returns.

The tie has been repeatedly resisted over the past few days, for £175, £165, £15 (yeah, not sure what happened there), £135 (with the new photos below - I guess he’s a reader of my blog) and is now at £105.