Friday 5 October 2012

Me And My Tennant Suit - Michael Davis

I’ve recently kick-started my occasional series, Me And My Tennant Suit, with Dan Neumann sharing his Baron Boutique suit with us.

Now I have the youngest ever contributor to my blog, 13 year old Michael Davis.

Name Michael Davis
Age 13
Location Woodhouse, Sheffield
Favourite Doctor Tenth Doctor
Maker of my suit K.R.Collection
Colour of suit Brown Suit
I got the suit and coat way back in July 2010. After looking for 6 years I had finaly found one on eBay. Believe it or not it’s just a wedding suit, with blue and white pin-stripes – but it’s still awesome!
The reason I wanted a suit was because I saw Tennant and I loved his dress sense and I thought it would make me look very snazzy and because I saw Tony Coburn’s impression on YouTube and I wanted to do the same. So I begun my long search.

My first suit was a Blue suit jacket, with red pin-stripes (which is no longer with me). But I was mainly looking for a brown suit and considering my age I wanted the best I could get. and the brown suit I have now is as good as I can afford, for now atleast, in the future I hope to get a close match.

When I first bought the suit I made sure there was room for me to grow, so it didn’t brilliantly at first, infact the trousers were a pain, but as i’ve grown it’s got better.

Tuesday 2 October 2012

Costume Station Zero -
Tennant Suit chit-chat

My good friend Bob Mitsch in the US has recently started Costume Station Zero - a free podcast dedicated to all things cosplay.

It was launched on September 13th, exactly thirteen years to the day since the moon was torn out of Earth orbit in the classic 1960s series Space: 1999!

Although not strictly limited to Doctor Who, with Bob’s fascination for the series it will inevitably have a heavy Who orientation.

Already a number of episodes have been posted, and the current download has some Doctor Who content.
2nd October 2012
This episode is of particular interest to readers of this blog, as it features Kevin Coppa, who commissioned me to make The Ultimate Tennant Suit.
He also talks about 10th Doctor Cosplay, his Vespiform, Scaroth and more. Find out more about Kevin at his DeviantArt page.

Episode 4 - 10th Doctor Talk