Saturday 7 August 2010

Tenth Doctor Tie Index

I’ve noticed that there’s been a lot of buzz lately on the Doctor Who costume forums about the ties David Tennant wore throughout the stories he was in.

Following on from the Third Doctor Costume Indexes I did late in 2009, I thought I’d put my two-pennace in and do a tie index!

I’m limiting myself to the ties worn with the pinstripe suits, ignoring the bow ties worn with tuxedos (as in Voyage Of the Damned) or tweed suits (as in Human Nature).

A couple of surprises have come up by doing this detailed study: the tie commonly known as the “Time Lord” tie (tie Two in my index) is no where near worn as often as I thought; nor is the burgundy/mauve flora tie (tie Eight) is worn even less; the swirly tie (tie Four) which bridged the regeneration to Matt Smith popped up a few more times than I thought, partly because it features in both the Doctor-lite episodes of series two and three.

Tie Nine was a dark horse, not appearing for the first time until halfway through series three, but going on to feature in eleven episode, far outstripping it’s nearest contender.

Finally, there is one anomaly I have not resolved as yet. In the Bonhams Auction on 24th Feb 2010, there were a number of ties on sale in a single lot. One of them was a dark-colour with diagonal stripes (centre of the three ties, right).

So far I have not found an episode it appears in.

So – if you spot any I have missed (or can solve my mystery tie), do drop me a line, this is a work-in-progress and further input is more than welcome.

Tie One

Only seen in: The Christmas Invasion (see above)

Description: Dark chestnut brown, with subtle flora woven pattern

Maker: Lavin

Tie Two

First seen in: Attack Of The Graske (see left)

Also seen inNew Earth, Rise Of The Cybermen (see above), The Age Of Steel, Doomsday, The Runaway Bride, Partners In Crime, The Unicorn and the Wasp, The End Of Time Pt 1, The End Of Time pt2

Maker: Daniel Hechter

Description: Brown and blue with a woven geometric pattern

Notes: One of these ties was sold at auction at Bonhams on 24th Feb 2010 (see right).

Replica or next-best: Two versions of this tie have been available from Magnoli.

The first version was printed onto silk, and suffered from being too light in colour and not the best design of pattern. A revised version appeared in 2009, this time woven.

The pattern was improved and the colour was better, but was still not quite right (see below, Magnoli v1 left; screen-used centre; Magnoli v2 right).

Tie Three
Only seen in: School Reunion 
(see right)

Maker: Yves Saint Laurent

Description: Dark chocolate brown birds-eye weave, with very subtle brown circles in a diagonal grid (the circles cannot be seen on screen, but if you look closely can be seen in the photo, right)

Tie Four

First seen in: The Girl In the Fireplace

Also seen in: Love And Monsters (see above), Blink, 
The End Of Time pt2

Maker: Christian Lacroix

Description: Dark brown, with bold swirly woven design in light blue

Replica or next-best: Two versions of this tie have been available from Magnoli.
Both are woven, the first of which appeared in 2009 (see below, left).

A much improved revised version became available in 2010 (see above, right).

Note: There is much debate that the tie worn in The Girl In The Fireplace and the one seen in The Eleventh Hour are not actually the same tie. The later has some lighter reddish patches between the swirls, which are not visible on the earlier tie.
The Magnoli ties reflect both of these variations (see above: Top, The Girl In The Fireplace; bottom, The Eleventh Hour).
Tie Five

Only seen in: The Idiot’s Lantern (see above)

Maker: Thomas Nash

Description: Brown with repeating s-shaped woven motif
Notes: This tie was sold at auction at Bonhams on 24th Feb 2010 (see left).
Tie Six

First seen in: The Impossible Planet (see above)

Also seen in: The Satan Pit, Human Nature, The Family Of Blood (see right)

Maker: Unknown at this time

Description: Navy blue, with burgundy circles in diagonal grid

Tie Seven

First seen in: Love And Monsters

Also seen inArmy Of Ghosts (see right), Doomsday, Smith And Jones. The Shakespeare Code, Gridlock, Fires of Pompeii (see above), The Family Of Blood (see below), Turn Left, The Stolen Earth, Journey’s End, Planet Of The Dead

Giorgio Armani

Description: Dark brown, with stylised peacock-eye blue and brown motif in honeycomb grid

Notes: A few of these ties, but in a blue colourway, turned up on a number of tie retailers’ sites, as well as

Tie Eight

First seen in: Smith And Jones (see above)

Also seen in: The Sontaran Stratagem, The Poison Sky, 
The Wedding Of Sarah Jane Smith (Sarah Jane Adventures)

Maker: Nina Ricci

Description: Herringboned burgundy background, with mauve random flora random design

Notes: This tie often appeared on display at the various exhibitions around the UK, such as Earl’s Court, and in 2010 was on display at Cardiff.
Tie Nine

First seen in: Daleks In Manhattan

Also seen inEvolution Of The Daleks, The Lazarus Experiment (see right), The Last Of The Time Lords, Time Crash, Voyage Of The Damned,  The Unicorn And The Wasp, Silence In The Library, Forest Of The Dead, The Waters Of Mars

Maker: Kenzo

Description: Deep navy blue background, with red flora random design

Tie Ten

First seen in: Utopia

Also seen in: The Sound Of Drums (see above), The Last Of The Time Lords

Maker: St George by Duffer

Description: Ribbed brown, with a white and sky-blue repeating stylised flora design in diagonal bands

Notes: One of these ties was sold at auction at Bonhams on 24th Feb 2010.

Replica or next-best: In 2010 Magnoli produced a near stitch-perfect replica of this tie, but the background colour is disappointly off, being too light (see below)

Tie Eleven

First seen in: Partners In Crime 
(see above)

Also seen inThe Next Doctor 
(see right)

Maker: Massimo Dutti

Description: Brown with raised diagonal stripes of navy and light blue

Replica or next-best: A tie produced by Paul Smith is a very good substitute, and is the right colours and spacing of stripes. (see left)
Tie Twelve

First seen in: The Poison Sky (closing scene only)

Also seen inThe Doctor’s Daughter (see above)

Maker: Massimo Dutti

Description: Burgundy with diagonal black stripes

Tie Thirteen
Only seen in: 50th Anniversary Special (title TBC)

Maker: St George by Duffer

Description: Dark brown with semi-random floral design of blue flowers and bronze foliage

Finally, here is an
episode-by-episode index,
referencing the ties above.


The Christmas Invasion

Attack Of The Graske

New Earth

Tooth and Claw

School Reunion

The Girl In The Fireplace

Rise Of the Cybermen

The Age Of Steel

The Idiot’s Lantern

The Impossible Planet

The Satan Pit

Love And Monsters

Four, Seven
Fear Her

Army Of Ghosts


Seven, Two
The Runaway Bride

Smith And Jones

Seven, Eight
The Shakespeare Code


Daleks In Manhatten

Evolution Of The Daleks

The Lazarus Experiment


Human Nature

Family Of Blood

Nine, Seven


The Sound Of Drums

The Last Of The Timelords

Ten, Nine
Time Crash

Voyage Of The Damned

Partners In Crime

Eleven, Two
Fires Of Pompeii

Planet Of The Ood

The Sontaran Stratagem

The Poison Sky

Eight, Twelve
The Doctor’s Daughter

The Unicorn And The Wasp

Silence In The Library

Forest Of The Dead


Turn Left

The Stolen Earth

Journey’s End

Music Of The Spheres

The Next Doctor

Planet Of The Dead

The Wedding Of Sarah Jane Smith

The Waters Of Mars

The End Of Time pt 1

The End Of Time pt 2

Two, Four
50th Anniversary Special



  1. Excellent as usual. :) As a side note, am I right in thinking that the tie in The Eleventh Hour is subtley different to the 'same' tie that Tennant wore? I seem to remember somebody mentioning this. It's Tie Four on your list. Any idea?

    1. I believe that Matt Smith's tie was a solid colour and the swirls were embroidered on. The red was painted in. Tie Four is a patterned tie.

      So...yes I have been lead to believe it was a different tie.

  2. Yes, I was never convinced it was the 'same' tie, but for the purposes of this index I'm gonna class it as the same - for now.

  3. Supposed to be the same, but a recreation it seems.

    Excellent research as always Steve!

  4. You are the absolute best. Thanks for this, and the rest of your blogs.

  5. excellent info as per your usual high standard mr p

    an as for the mystery tie i have that particular one as thought it 10th doctoresque its a john rocha from debenhams an unusual tie too as it looks different colours an shades depending on how the light catches it and the angle don,t think it was ever screen used unless it was possibly from the music of the spheres segments ?

  6. I have a good match for Tie Eleven (I think) if youʻre interested in having a peek :D

  7. By the way, Matt Smith does wear the original brown/red swirly tie from the start. Look at the scene where he starts drying his hair in The Eleventh Hour. This is where he switches to the embroidered 'copy' for the rest of the episode.

  8. This is a fantastically well researched article! Well done Steve.

  9. Just so you know, the costume designer told us at Gallifrey this past year. The tie that David wears in the end is the same as the one in Girl in the Fireplace, but the one that Matt wears is a replica that the costume department made of David's tie. The dept only had ONE of that tie. Normally they're required to have more than one or they don't use it, but the designer loved that tie so much that she used it anyway. Matt's replica tie is embroidered (you can see it's texture in outshot closeups).

  10. This is an excellent breakdown. One point I would like to bring forth, however, is the tie from "Girl in the Fireplace". It does have the reddish coloring in it. This is more clear when the Doctor, acting drunk, returns to the ship in time to save Rose and Mickey. The Doctor is wearing the tie around his head and the reddish color is plainly visible, so the belief that in that episode the tie had no reddish color in it is incorrect.


  11. This should be really helpful, thanks. :D

  12. I'll be dressing up as the 10th Doctor for the Indy Sci-Fi Convention...Thankfully my Botany '500' tie looks just like tie #8!

  13. @anonymous - can you share a link or email me a picture to ? :)

  14. Magnoli also has a third version of Tie Two finally up, and it looks to be very close to the original screen-used tie. Pattern still looks a bit on the bright side, but the actual shape is markedly more accurate.

    1. I have done a full review of this, and the previous version. You can read it here:

  15. Where did you get tie eleven from pumpkiny?

  16. @kourknocks - take a look at for your answer . . . .


    I found this tie on the raffaello network that looks like tie six. I doubt if it's *the* tie, since it's probably from a different collection (being "spring/summer 2011), but it's very similar nonetheless.

  18. Bit of useless info here, I've just been searching for lots of different ties on eBay and came across this Christian Lacroix tie

    It's in no way alike that coveted tie 4 except that the pattern in it is clearly pretty similar to the bottom most swirl on the Doctor's tie. ;)

    Again, it's useless, but interesting I thought!

    1. You were so correct it's incredible. the bottom swirl was in fact the CL signature

  19. I found a tie in my closet that looks just like tie 11

  20. from looking a a picture of thee eleventh hour tie, the texture of the swirls appears to be embroidered

    1. That's right. If you want to know a little more about the history of that tie, you can read it here:

  21. This was a well written review. As it is I know the model that was used by Magnoli for their suit. His name was Ryan Jones. He passed away about a year ago. I thought you might want to know. His portrayal of the Tenth Doctor is by far one of the closest I have seen. I now try to do the best I can at this Cosplay but I will never be able to do as good a job as he did. Sorry for carrying on like that. Thank You.

  22. Which tie would you suggest for the blue pinstripe suit?

  23. Even though you have a separate Hechter review, I think the latest Magnoli's should all be put in the tie index- for reference.

    1. I do need to update it, and shall look at doing this soon.

  24. I ordered the 13th tie today. I still need to find fabric.

  25. The 13th tie from the 50th anniversary episode is still available and will be for the next 6 months or so...

  26. A new book, "Doctor Who: The Vault" contains a high-resolution image of David Tennant wearing the brown suit with an unidentified tie. I wonder if it's a clear picture of Tie One, or something completely new used solely for publicity stills.

  27. A new book, "Doctor Who: The Vault" contains a high-resolution image of David Tennant wearing the brown suit with an unidentified tie. I wonder if it's a clear picture of Tie One, or something completely new used solely for publicity stills.

  28. im so happy i just bought a tie that looks really similar to tie seven from the oxfam online shop and it is also made my gergio armani

  29. Thanks to being able to reference this blog I just received my SA Dutti Tie number 12. :) Hadn't ever really seen it come up so shipping took a little while but nice to finally have! Up to 4 now so think I may be close to the limit of finding originals...

  30. Can you tell me where I can buy the ties (I really have my heart on Christmas invasion)