Sunday 8 August 2010

Tenth Doctor Ties - the alternatives

Following on from the Tie Index I’ve done this weekend, I thought I’d share a few other ties that I have found on my travels.

I am not saying that any of these ties are a perfect match to the screen used ones, but they are either similar or reminiscent of those worn by David Tennat as the Tenth Doctor.

In the absence of being able to obtain the ones used, this is intended as a guide to finding something acceptably similar.
Daniel Hechter From John Lewis
I bought this one because it is a genuine Daniel Hetcher tie, which, from my recollection of seeing Tie Two at first hand, uses exactly the same colour palette of chocolate brown, blue and cream.

It has a diagonal floral motif, reminding me of Tie Ten, the St George by Duffer tie.

A sorta two-in-one tie here!

Soprano from Swagger & Swoon
This ties reminds me of the Christian Lacroix Swirly tie (Tie Four in my index).
The problem with the original tie is the pattern is a single unique artwork, and has no discernible pattern repeat, so trying to find a tie that resembles it is difficult.

This tie, although it does have a repeat, is sufficiently large enough to not be to obvious.
The colour palette used is just about right too.

Last time I looked it was still freely available at

Paul Castello from John Lewis
I bought this tie a while back, and was struck by the similarity in colour to Ttie Eight. It has a sorta of floral design, which isn’t too small to notice, so it had the feel of the screen-used tie.
On the downside, it has a coat of arm motif, which distracts a little from the floral.

St George by Duffer from Debenhams
I bought this tie while on a trip to Oxford Street this week.
I was looking around and had worked out that it was more than likely that a lot of the ties had been bought at Debenhams because a majority of the known labels can all be found there under the same roof.
One of them, St George by Duffer, also make this tie.

It reminds me of Tie Nine in the Tie Index. That has a red flora design on a black background, and this one is very similar, though the flora is a different style and is in bronze.

Tie Nine works well with the blue suit, and I think this one works equally well with a brown suit.

A lot of the design houses have the distinctive style, and I am wondering if Tie Nine was indeed a St George tie, though from their 2006 or 2007 collection.

John Lewis (own brand)
This tie – a chance one-off find at John Lewis on Oxford Street – is a curious blend of two of my favourite Tennant ties.
It has the colour palette of Tie Eight in my index, with the stylized floral motif of Tie Ten.

When I bought it I could only see the one, and each time I have been back, or to other John Lewis stores, I have never seen it since.

That aside, this is my favourite alternative tie, and I know others who have coveted it.
I like this one!

Paul Smith from eBay!
This one was a real chance find on eBay, and so an encouragement to anyone who trawls the listings, partly thinking they’ll find nothing.

It is made by Paul Smith, a name that recently has become synonymous with the Eleventh Doctor, but was a label Ten worn in Voyage Of the Damned (his black tuxedo was by Paul Smith, as revealed in the Bonham’s Auction catalogue).

It’s a near perfect match to Tie Eleven in my Tie Index, made by Massimo Dutti.
Only seen twice (firstly in Partners In Crime, and again in The Next Doctor) it was the penutimate addition to Ten’s wardrobe.

Aquascutum from eBay!
One of my readers spotted this tie on eBay.

Luckily the seller had a couple on offer, so I was able to bag one for myself.

It’s not perfect, but it is a pretty good stand-in for the tie worn in The Doctor’s Daughter, Tie Twelve in my Tie Index.

Okay! So the tie is only worn in that one episode and for most of it the lighting is so dark you can hardly see it – but it is a nice tie to go with either suit (though it belongs with a blue Tennant Suit rather than the brown as I have shown).


  1. I do love that new striped Paul Smith!

    Was very surprised!

    If this is indeed the correct tie, then I love the subtle details you miss on these kinds of things on the actual tie itself, such as the dark outlines on each stripe.

  2. Thanks! I just wore the "Soprano" at Dragon*Con and got a couple of compliments and questions about where I got it!

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  4. Is that the magnoli blue suit