Sunday 22 August 2010

Bad Wold - Bald Wolf - Bad Wolf

I was up in central London this week working at an advertising agency, and took a little time out over lunch one day to pop down to Oxford Street.
For those that don’t know the geography, Oxford Street is London’s premiere shopping thoroughfare, and has a number of large department stores within a short distance of each other.

Two that I go to regularly are Debenhams and John Lewis, the latter of which I went to first.
I was popping back to see if they had anymore of the nice purplely ties I got a while back (see the last tie in Tie Alternatives), but sadly no.

In the Bonhams Auction earlier this year there were some shirts David Tennant had worn (lot 47 - shirts from Tooth & Claw), one of which was labelled HIJKLMUVWXYZ, which is John Lewis’ own brand (the J and L are in bold, being the stores initials).
The shirt in question was from their collection that year and they no longer sell anything close enough to substitute it.

Sunday 8 August 2010

Tenth Doctor Ties - the alternatives

Following on from the Tie Index I’ve done this weekend, I thought I’d share a few other ties that I have found on my travels.

I am not saying that any of these ties are a perfect match to the screen used ones, but they are either similar or reminiscent of those worn by David Tennat as the Tenth Doctor.

In the absence of being able to obtain the ones used, this is intended as a guide to finding something acceptably similar.
Daniel Hechter From John Lewis
I bought this one because it is a genuine Daniel Hetcher tie, which, from my recollection of seeing Tie Two at first hand, uses exactly the same colour palette of chocolate brown, blue and cream.

It has a diagonal floral motif, reminding me of Tie Ten, the St George by Duffer tie.

A sorta two-in-one tie here!

Saturday 7 August 2010

Tenth Doctor Tie Index

I’ve noticed that there’s been a lot of buzz lately on the Doctor Who costume forums about the ties David Tennant wore throughout the stories he was in.

Following on from the Third Doctor Costume Indexes I did late in 2009, I thought I’d put my two-pennace in and do a tie index!

I’m limiting myself to the ties worn with the pinstripe suits, ignoring the bow ties worn with tuxedos (as in Voyage Of the Damned) or tweed suits (as in Human Nature).

A couple of surprises have come up by doing this detailed study: the tie commonly known as the “Time Lord” tie (tie Two in my index) is no where near worn as often as I thought; nor is the burgundy/mauve flora tie (tie Eight) is worn even less; the swirly tie (tie Four) which bridged the regeneration to Matt Smith popped up a few more times than I thought, partly because it features in both the Doctor-lite episodes of series two and three.