Thursday 14 July 2011

I spy with my little eye

Over the past few year, Magnoli Clothiers in New Zealand have been progressively working through the canon of Tennant Ties.

So far they has tackled Tie Two, the Daniel Hechter (see below, left); Tie Four, the Christian Lacroix (see below, centre); and Tie Ten, the St George By Duffer (see below, right)

Known to be in the pipeline are two popular ties: Tie Seven, the Giorgio Armani; and Tie Eight, the Nina Ricci.

Well, if you take a look on the Overstock Section of the website, there is a Tennant Suit jacket for sale (see below).

If you look very closely the photograph is taken with an early test version of the Tie Eight!

The petals read a bit light, but the design seems pretty good.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this tie comes out . . .


  1. I noticed this yesterday and posted about it too!
    There's info on the RPF that indicates this is an early prototype.

    Will you be getting one pumpkiny?

  2. No doubt I will get one - I've got an extensive tie collection these days, so I can't NOT get it !!!

    Besides, I'll review it like the Hechter one and give it my honest opinion.

  3. Exciting stuff!

    If it not for your blogs I would have never known :)

    P.S. I note Magnoli STILL hasn't updated his Tennant Suit images.

  4. Magnoli is very dedicated to the craft but is only working from screen images which play havoc with colours on silk. If anyone would like to help the rest of the cosplay community, please contact him. Any images you could send (or a physical tie) would help. I've been waiting over two years for his Ricci tie.
    Also, if anyone has a better way of searching, I cannot find the Nash tie anywhere.