Wednesday 17 April 2013

The Thirteenth Reunion

After the excitement in Trafalgar Square last week, filming continues apace on the 50th Anniversary episode.

It’s been widely reported and is common knowledge that David Tennant is back as the Tenth Doctor.

He has been spotted filming with his TARDIS, but as yet he has not been seen in costume with Matt Smith - until today!

They have been shooting at Chepstow castle, and some pictures have emerged on Twitter and Tumblr.

Matt and David can be seen being interviewed by Lizo Mzimba, who regularly reports on the antics of the Doctor Who crew.

But a picture of greater interest to me shows David walking onto set, in costume, and wearing A NEW TIE!

Knowing the ties inside out, I can confirm this is NOT a tie previously worn.

We'll have to call it Tie Thirteen!

But through the interviews I did with Louise Page, and knowing the labels of eleven of the twelve ties worn by the Tenth Doctor, I have some insight into where the ties were sourced.

Tie Three (Yves Saint Laurent), Tie Four (Christian Laxroix), Tie Seven (Giorgio Armani), Tie Eight (Nina Ricci) all came from prestige store Selfridges, and cost £60 plus when new.

Tie Two (Daniel Hechter), Tie Five (Thomas Nash), Tie Ten (St George by Duffer) were found at Debenhams, a more modestly priced department store where they were around £20 when new.

My first point of searching was the cheaper option, and it took me 30 seconds to stumble across a St George by Duffer tie in brown with a blue floral design.

I think we have a match - and it’s only £14 new! RESULT!!
St George by Duffer
Blue jacquard floral tie


  1. You sir are amazing... Bought & bought!

    1. Aww just got an email back saying they couldn't fulfill the order...

  2. You're kidding, do you know how many times I've almost bought this tie thinking it's Doctor like? I always pulled out at the last second!


  3. FYI, I just ordered and it seemed fine, but a few minutes later I got a "Sorry, out of stock" email. Bummer!

  4. After a bit of discussion on the RPF I actually think it's the other brown tie Debenhams offers, the one with the darker background.
    Warning, this picture is huge:

    Point of discussion, anyway. What do you guys think? This one's also still available.

    1. I think you will find it is the same fabric, just a different cut of tie.
      Getting colours to match on websites are notoriously difficult.

  5. New darker looking shirt too...

  6. Do you have any idea where the new shirt is from, and found a close match?