Friday 19 April 2013

That didn't take long!

I've barely got home from buying a few ties myself, and I see others are already appearing on eBay!
Strike while the iron’s hot I suppose, and to be fair, that’s not a bad price considering.

St George by Duffer tie as worn by David Tennant

St George by Duffer
Doctor Who cosplay


  1. Oh fantastic! Mine is on the way thanks to your fast researching skills!

    Feel free to check out my 10th Doctor page too, would appreciate any comments you have about my costumes.:D

  2. Why would anyone pay £40 plus postage more than the shop price when it will probably be restocked next week? Some people have more money than sense!

    1. If you are outside of the UK your only option is the website, which is out of stock.

      Even when it has been 'in stock' orders have been cancelled by the supplier citing unavailable stock.

      Options are running out....

    2. What Steve said isn't exactly true. I had a chat with Debenhams headquarters, and they ARE getting more stock in over the next few weeks.
      I was able to buy one over the phone just now, but the only issue was it's the last one in their stores for the moment. But yes, they will definitely be getting more in, just not for a bit.

    3. It seems much wiser to wait and pay 14 quid for the tie later, rather than pay 60 something plus post for it now with that information. Thanks for letting us now there will be more in the future Dalek 356

    4. Just got mine for the £14 price. It does still happen!

  3. Debenham's seems to be restocking the website daily. I had to give it three tries, and am still waiting for one of my refunds to process, but my order finally went through last night and my tie is on its way here to the States. They go quick once they allow orders on the website, but they are slow to stop the orders once they sell out. I had two orders cancelled on me because I caught the tail end of one of the batches and missed out. The third time was a charm!

  4. Oh my. Tell me... Is the top one the proper version? 'Cause I just nabbed it... And the bottom one... What's wrong with me??? XD

  5. I've attempted 4 times to order from Debenhams, only to be told that they will not complete my order because I'm in the USA. Quite frustrating, as I'm not keen on the idea of spending 30 quid on shipping to the States. Will keep my eyes open and fingers crossed!