Sunday 26 February 2012

Louise page - The Tie Five story

We now come to Tie Five in our ongoing Louise Page interview.

The Thomas Nash tie isn’t the most popular amongst fans, but as you may have read in my blog, they seem to be the most common to come up on eBay.

Worn only in The Idiot’s Lantern, she reveals the thinking behind this tie and the reason for its solo appearance, as well as giving us a background to her methodology when shopping for ties.

Thanks to Kevin Coppa for giving the interview clips the polished look, and enormous thanks to Louise Page for sharing her memories of dressing the Tenth Doctor with us all


  1. Strange that you picked up on that Thomas Nash tie from Debenhams. I recently bought it to wear to my graduation, thinking to myself that it is slightly "10th Doctor-ish".

  2. If you mean the Thomas Nash tie they showed in close up on the rack I bought the same one also because it looked Tennish!