Wednesday 25 September 2013

My Ultimate Tennant Suit - Half of Ten

A couple of days ago I showed you a pair of original GAP trousers on eBay that sold for £150.

I did wonder who had paid such a sum for one pair of trousers - but I have to confess I knew all along who it was - ME!

The trousers arrived today, and I must say they are in near mint condition.

You might notice in the corner of my photo there are other pairs lurking around.

Well, I now actually have three pairs!

It’s taken me a few years to get to this stage, so I’m in no real rush.

To complete a suit I really need six pairs - one to wear and five to tailor the jacket.

The pairs I have are:
Pair 1 - 
Size 34 x 32
These were left over from the Ultimate Tennant Suit, and taken as part-payment

Pair 2 -
Size 36 x 30
These are my latest acquisition through eBay

Pair 3 -
Size 36 x 34
I bought these through a private sale via the Gallifrey Base forums
If you have a pair of GAP trousers and are willing to part with them to help me reach my target, please email me at


  1. Have you ever considered ordering a yard of the magnoli fabric and comparing it to your pairs of Gap trousers, like you do with the magnoli ties?
    I'd be interested in seeing that

    1. He has done, his done a few comparisons

    2. The reviews he did were of the older fabric. The one he uses now is supposed to be an exact reweave, and the blue fabric is supposed to look pretty good too