Saturday 7 September 2013

Idiot’s Lantern tie - now in MONOCHROME!

A couple of days ago I teased about a tie that had arrived in the post.

Subsequently I had some comments that picked up on the word idiot I used, and yes, I was alluding to the Thomas Nash tie as seen in The Idiot’s Lantern.

BUT I wasn’t referring to the version currently being worked by Magnoli (you lost your bet, whoever you were, sorry).
One of my readers sent me a link to a tie on from a pretty nondescript menswear seller who has a silk tie for sale that is the exact image of the Thomas Nash tie - except it is in grey and black!

My jaw dropped when I saw it (as I imagine a few of my readers are right this minute seeing the pictures!)
The pattern looks ABSOLUTELY identical to screen-worn tie - just lacking any colour.

I HAD to order myself one, and this week it arrived.

I’m lucky to own an original Thomas Nash tie (the only one I ever saw on eBay during many years of searching) so the first thing I did was put it side-by-side to compare.

As you can see, not only is the weave perfect, the scale is too. It is precise.

This is way too much of a coincidence, that I am left wondering if they have bought in a pre-woven design and just coloured it in their own colour scheme, oblivious to its previous use by Thomas Nash.

I don’t know - but what other explanation can there be?
Well, if you want to get one of these ties yourself, before they sell out, the link is below.

Please be aware through they only ship to the US.

Silver Geometric Tie (Swirls) by Scott Allan

Alternatively, you can order from the Scott Allan Collection website.
They will ship internationally, and shipping to the UK is $8.99.

Scott Allan Ties
Silver Grey Geometric Necktie


  1. Man, I was so close!

  2. I forgot to comment on this when I saw it in my RSS feeds.

    How bizarre. It's a great alternative and a nice cheap reference for a replica tie to be made.

    Thanks for keeping us informed!

  3. Whilst searching for the Scott Allan Tie (too late, of course) I saw this one (link to follow). In the vein of the tie that never was, it seems like it would be a good fit as an alternate. Great info, by the way.