Thursday 14 November 2013

Day Of The Doctor - costume portraits

It’s less than ten days until the 50th Anniversary special, and the BBC have released some high resolution pictures of David Tennant in full costume.

The brown pinstripe suit is back; worn with a classic light blue shirt; off-white converses; and the new St George by Duffer narrow tie.

The shirt is a new, as yet unidentified label, rather than a previously worn from the Tenth Doctor era.


  1. It was likely picked up at debenhams with the tie. The contrast inner collar it has is something shirts by John Rocca tend to have so yeah, that'd probably be the brand.
    None of the ones on the site have the same collar or collar so I think it's likely discontinued

  2. I was told at the excel 50th celebration that it was a hacket shirt

  3. believe it or not i have a shirt EXACTLY like that that i got from my grandfather. so there's a slight chance that maybe its some sort of old uniform shirt maybe? if nothing else im glad to have a match for it