Tuesday 18 March 2014

Rocha John Rocha -
grab a bargain while you can!

Today I’ve got a little gem for you - if you’re a completist when it comes to the Tennant ties!

A reader has highlighted an eBay listing from a seller who trades in surplus stock.

They are selling a range of Rocha John Rocha ties, among them is the tie bought by costume designer Louise Page, but which ultimately went unused.
The unused tie then sold as part of a job lot at the Bonhams 2010 Doctor Who auction.

The tie was initially selling for £9.99 - an absolute bargain!

Mens Rocha John Rocha by Debenhams Tie - Pure Silk NEW RRP £22 - Bargain
They had a few for sale, and after being told of the Doctor Who connection, restocked with over a dozen of the ties - at the higher price of £17.99!

You can buy the tie through the original listing (above) or a new dedicated listing (below).

Mens Rocha John Rocha by Debenhams Tie - as worn by David Tennant


  1. And they were going for 6.99 GBP previous to March 9th, before they were sold out. I guess he restocked as it's the same seller, tayli.