Tuesday 18 March 2014

GAP trousers on eBay - trading up

One of my readers brought this to my attention, and we ended up doing a mutually beneficial deal.

He spotted a pair of GAP trousers on eBay and was already speaking directly to the seller to secure them.
However, they are waist 36 which is a size or two too big for my friend.
Ends up he needs a waist 32 - which I have half a dozen pairs of.
I’d be happier with a pair of waist 36 as these will give me just a bit more fabric once dissected to use to make an Ultimate Tennant Suit.

So we agreed a straight trade - his 36s for a pair of my 32s. He’s actually ended up a bit better off as mine are mint and still with labels, where as these are pre-worn.

Eitherway, we both won!

GAP Brown Men’s Trousers
with A Blue Pin Stripe 36 Waist

Gap men's trousers.

Dark brown with a blue pinstripe.
Cotton. Waist 36 length 34.
2 back pockets with buttons.
Waistband with 7 loops for a belt Zip fly with button and hooks to fasten.

Very good condition.

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