Friday 30 November 2012

Replica Giorgio Armani Tie -
Magnoli Second Incarnation

This month sees the release by Magnoli Clothiers of a second version of their Giorgio tie - a replica of Tie Seven (the Giorgio Armani).

Here is my review

This month has seen the release of a third, and much improved Swirly tie from online costume makers Magnoli Clothiers. It’s a very popular tie with fans, so great to see a decent replica widely available.

Previously they have gone through as many drafts of their replica of Tie Two (Daniel Hechter).

This demonstrates a level of dedication to review and revise their ties, each being a step up from the previous.

I wish I could say the same for the latest version of Tie Seven (Giorgio Armani) which has taken a bizarre route from the first draft.

Previously a replica had been made, copied directly from an original Giorgio Armani tie, though the source was a different colourway option in blue.

The weave was pretty much bang on, but for some unknown reason the two shades of brown were transposed, making the dominant colour a lighter, warmer brown.

So when I heard on the grapevine a new version of the tie was already in the pipeline, I was excited to see what had been done to improve on it, as only switching the browns would be enough to make it very near perfect.

I ordered my tie, and when it arrived I was what I can only describe as perplexed. The weave is the same as before but the colours have been changed to a dusty blue - just like the colourway option the first tie had been copied from to get the weave correct.

Why on earth this tie has been made I do not know. Maybe someone can enlighten me. But it is a backward step and further from the screen-worn tie than ever.

It’s a same the first draft tie is now out of stock as I would recommend sticking with that.
Sorry to be so negative, but even at US$45 it is not worth the effort to buy it.

I’ll wait to see what draft three brings...
Now while we are on the subject of colourway versions of the Giorgio Armani tie, I thought I’d show you ANOTHER variant I found recently on eBay.

This time it is a version in shades of grey - just three I hasten to add, not fifty!

The tie has a slight warm/pink cast to it, and the weave is exactly the same as the screen worn version, which is in the brown and blue combination.

I have to say this is the dullest tie I have ever seen. The lack of colour is quite draining on the eye and if it wasn’t for the tenuous link to the Tenth Doctor’s wardrobe I would give it a second look.

But it interested me and after speaking to the seller I picked it up for a fair price.

Finally here is a comparision between the first draft Magnoli Giorgio tie; the grey variant; and the latest strange blue version of the Magnoli Giorgio tie.

I’m getting quite the collection!


  1. Timothy Corrigan7 January 2013 at 07:19

    I can't believe I missed this post! How silly of me.

    Just in case nobody's told you yet, the reason this tie is blue instead of brown was a manufacturing error. According to Magnoli on the RPF forums they showed him a prototype which he gave the okay to and then they churned out a bunch in a completely different colour. That's why it's $45 instead of the $60 he usually sells them for.

    It's the same story for the Girl in the Fireplace tie which, as you noted, is almost black. Apparently we will still see the correct colour versions soon enough.

  2. While I like the brown version (with the correct color pattern) and can certainly see where it seems right for The Doctor, I can't help but notice that several stills seem to indicate the blue colourway may have been used onscreen. It's not a bad compliment for the blue pinstripes on the brown suit, and while the brown version of the tie is gorgeous, it seems too warm in relation to the suit, based on several screengrabs.

    Notice in "Doomsday," where the BBC has provided a high-res, clear shot:

    And in Family of Blood:

    (Both, obviously, referenced in your Aug 2010 post)

    The contrast of the brown tie (above) makes it 'pop' visually, becoming the focus of the picture; the blue colourway is more subdued, almost blending with the dark blue shirt (Family of Blood) but also complimenting the suit nicely even against the white shirt (Doomsday). Having not seen either in person I cannot say with certainty one over the other, but I do think I will purchase one of the discounted "French blue" pieces for my collection.