Friday 18 March 2011

Tie: Utopia!

Just to prove that it does happen, there has recently been a couple of ties on eBay which are identical to the ones worn by the Tenth Doctor!
Giorgio Armani - Tie Seven in Tie Index

Last month a Giorgio Armani Tie (Tie Seven, in my Tie Index) came up (see above). Based in San Francisco in the US, it had a $4.99 starting price, and ultimately sold for $144.50.

The description was as follows:
You are bidding on a beautiful Giorgio Armani (white label) necktie. Although pre-owned I am very confident in saying that it is in near mint condition without even the most minimal of fraying at the tips. It has been worn 2-3 times maximum and treated with the utmost care in a smoke-free home.

The base color is rich chocolate brown with blue undertones; pattern is brown circles with blue squares inside. 100% silk of course.

As I need to make room for new purchases, my wardrobe clearance is your chance to win this and other items at a fraction of their original cost. New Giorgio Armani ties now retail $145 on average, however I will start the bidding on this item at a low $4.99.

The tie looks quite blue, but I think this is down to the lighting and setting on the camera used.

The seller kindly posted some great pictures of the tie, including the label on the reverse (see right, top) and a tight detail shot showing the interesting weave (see right, bottom).
St George by Duffer - Tie Ten in Tie Index

Then, this past week, a St George by Duffer tie (Tie Ten in my Tie Index) also popped up on eBay.

Initially it was listed as a 7-day auction, with a £3.50 starting price. The Title was QUALITY Brown Tie with Floral motif ST. GEORGE by DUFFER. No mention was made of the Doctor Who connection (see above).

However, within a few hours of its listing I gather the seller had a number of approaches and revised the listing to a 3-day auction with a new title: DR WHO- Brown Tie with Floral motif ST.GEORGE by DUFFER. A photo from The Sound Of Drums was also added (see below).

Well, the auction closed this evening and it sold for a princely £112!
If you’re the one who got it – well done, it’s a nice tie.


  1. Looks to me as though the Armani tie may have been the blue version - I own one of those myself and they do have a brown sheen to them and look pretty close to the screen worn item!

  2. Seems like I can post here now...
    I wanted to say weeks ago when these auctions were going on that I was bidding on the Duffer tie. I had hoped it had gone unnoticed...
    I sat at my computer, prepared to increase my bid, when in the last 5 seconds it shot up before my bewildered eyes.
    In a way they are really mythical ties, highly sought and always just out of reach. I'll always be scouring Ebay if they turn up again.