Wednesday 16 December 2009

Burgundy Suit - work continues

For once I am really excited about putting a garment together.

So much so, I have been too excited to even take any pictures of me making it! (Very bad of me – sorry!)

Anyways, the next stage was pretty simple and straight forward, and there wasn’t really much to see as such anyways.

I sewed the side seams to join the fronts to the back, and the shoulder seams to finish it off.
I then sewed the sleeves and set them with a little extra ease across the shoulder to create a decent sleeve head. I then added a standard lightweight shoulder pad and some sleeve head padding just to create a good shape, but kept this to a minimum as it needs to be quite a loose fitting.

This then gets the jacket to the following stage.
The lapels are missing at the moment, so what you see here is the underside of the lapels with seam allowance, so they look a bit over large for now (see below).

The belted back and split went well, though without the lining completed and the hem sewn, it isn’t keeping its shape yet, so the split is flaring a little (see below).

Because I haven’t set the collar, the neck is pulling quite badly, creating creases. This will ease when the collar is put in place (see below).

And yes, for the eagle-eyed out there, that is a Matt Smith 11th Doctor shirt, with the revised, woven Timelord Tie from Magnoli.

Finally, when I was reviewing these pictures, I was struck by how well the fabric was matching (in quality and tone) to the real suit. The cotton, once dyed, has a glazed appearance, and is reflecting the light of a flash just like the real thing (see below).

Can’t wait to finish this jacket and move onto the blue version!

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  1. Itʻs honestly looking really great!

    I recommend anyone who hasnʻt done so already to click on the images when reading this post. The full size images look much better as the pinstripe donʻt show through as clearly on the smaller previews, and thus donʻt give it justice! :)

    Iʻm really looking forward to seeing the finished suit!