Friday 6 January 2012

A very special visitor

Today is the final day of The Twelve Regenerations Of Christmas over on the Eleventh Doctor Blog.

As a big finish I posting something rather special. It’s just a picture, but its a good one!

In early December I had an email out of the blue from Louise Page, who had stumbled upon my Tie Index. She found it very interesting, and wanted to share with me a gap in the information I had posted.

This was how I discovered the label for Tie Nine (see left), so it came from a cast iron source.

After exchanging couple of email she expressed an interest in meeting me and talking Tennant suits and coats!

Her timing was perfect, since I currently have the Ultimate Tennant Suit back for some minor alteration, so I suggested she might like to view it.

Just before Christmas she came to visit and we had the chance of a quick photo with the suit.

Louise is so nice and was most impressed with my work, which was the best Christmas present I have ever had!


  1. This is awesome!

    Did she share any tips on your current suit/coat? Things that perhaps only she would know that could help?

    Very cool.

    Sorry for not commenting for a little bit. But I've been reading every one of these Christmas posts, and they have been thoroughly enjoyable!

    1. She has now seen both the Ultimate Tennant Suit and one of recent Tennant Coat. She enjoyed seeing them and was full of praise.
      I felt my work was done . . . .

  2. Sweet job man! I assume that she made sure all facts on the tie index are accurate, right?

    1. She has been through it and helped as much as she can. There wasn't anything widely out, so that was a relief!

      We have now done a series of special interviews about each individual tie, with some new revelations along the way.

      Well worth a look!

  3. I had the pleasure of meeting louise last year (and too have a picture of myself and her!) She really is a lovely lady. I'm glad you finally got to meet her!

    1. She has been so generous with her time I cannot thank her enough.