Thursday 5 May 2011

Thomas Nash tie -
target acquired!

Confession time.

When I wrote about the latest couple of ties to appear on eBay, I knew who had bought one of them – me!

I decided that although the Thomas Nash tie,was only seen in one episode (The Idiot’s Lantern, see left), it is a distinctive design I wanted to add to my collection.

I only stumbled across the listing while looking around for other things, and how anyone else found it with the title dr who prop tie, I don’t know!
But find it they did and it had risen to over £200 not long after it started.

I held back, and didn’t bid until the dying seconds of the last minute of the auction, and put in a killer bid. Luckily for me it only pushed the price up £5 from where it was, and the tie was mine!

My PayPal account was notably lighter though!


  1. It's a lovely tie and I'm glad someone who appreciates it got it! Well done!

  2. Good work Steve!
    Maybe we will see Magnoli make this in the future?

  3. But was it a prop from the show? Are you wearing a Tennant original?

  4. No!
    That's part of the irony - its not even screen used!

    It looks nice in my collection - I keep telling myself that and I feel a bit better!

  5. Just checked with Magnoli clothiers: if you send them the tie, they will duplicate it!!! Please be a pal and let the rest of the world have a chance to own this awesome tie.