Friday 29 April 2011

Idiot's Lantern tie on eBay!

Only last week, a friend of mine secured a pair of GAP Trousers from the French version of eBay.

Prior to that we saw the sale of a Giorgio Armani and a St George by Duffer tie on eBay.
The Armani tie achieved US$144.50 and the St George GB£112.

St George by Duffer - Tie Ten in Tie Index
Well, if you missed that chance, maybe you were more lucky when another St George tie popped up last week.

From the same seller as before, it had a similar £3.50 opening price, but only scraped £92 when it closed on 21st April following a frantic three-day auction.

Most of the bidding was on the last day, when it saw the sale price nearly quadruple!

Thomas Nash - Tie Five in Tie Index
Then this week saw a rare chance to grab a Thomas Nash tie.

The tie had been identified following the sale of an original at the Bonhams Doctor Who Sale in February last year.

Although Tie Five in my Tie Index it only appeared in one episode, The Idiot’s Lantern, I think it is quite a popular one to find.

As far as I know it has been a long time since one of these ties (if ever) has been available for sale on eBay, so this was an opportunity not to be missed, as four bidders can attest to as they slogged it out over the seven says of the auction.

How anyone could find it is a mystery, as it had the shortest listing title imaginable for such a desirable item. It was simply called dr who prop tie.

Anyway, after reaching £250 in only three days, it stuck there until the last minute when it was sniped for £255!

I wonder who got it . . . . ?


  1. Wow, I totally missed those auctions. I should know my know that Tennant ties are like gold.

  2. I got ONE of them . . .

  3. I got the Utopia Tie. The best tie of them all is Tie Nine, "deep navy blue background, with red flora random design". But that one has yet to be identified . . .

  4. Yes Tie Nine! It's really popular! I wonder if it will ever show up? What designer do you think made it? It was from 2007. Its been assumed that the BBC had several copies of most ties, except for the Christian Lacroix. If Tie 9 was their only copy it may be in a private collection somewhere. I haven't heard about Tie 9 being on display at any WHO exhibition either, making it even harder to know more about it, beyond screen shots.

  5. I think I have a lead on Tie Twelve . . . not that THAT tie is particularly popular.

  6. Email me direct at with your info, and I'll take a look.

  7. So Pumpkiny, did you win the St. George tie. If not where did you get it from?

  8. @fourknocks - no I didn't win this one, as I had bought one a while back with a modest BuyItNow price!