Wednesday 22 September 2010

RIP Soho Silks

I was on a buying trip to central London today, stocking up on much needed supplies - can't believe how many pairs of shoulder pads I've gone through lately!!

I first went to William Gees to get some fusible canvas (they really have the best prices) before heading into the West End. There I stopped off at MacCulloch and Wallis, then Kliens before dropping by Soho Silks.

To my shock, awe and horror it has closed down!!!

Soho Silks was a pretty large store, with a heavily stocked ground floor, and an equally full basement. It was in the basement here that I had found the blue pinstripe fabric that had been used to make the blue Tennant Suits.

It was also a good supply of tweeds and gaberdines, as well as linings and unusual far eastern silks.

Aside from that, the staff that ran it always recognised my face and stopped for a bit of a chat. The manageress was always more than willing to try and find some fabric for me to meet a requirement, though sadly her attempts never came to anything - but the thought was there!

I am sorry to see it go, and just as sad that there is nothing opening elsewhere to replace it.

Very sad news :0(

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