Thursday 4 June 2009

Blue Suit - exhibition reference pictures

One of my readers was recently at one of the regional Doctor Who exhibitions where one of the Tenth Doctor’s blue suits is currently on display.

It was an ideal opportunity to take a closer look at the various pockets on the suit, so with a certain amount of cheek, asked if it was okay to get some close-up shots.

Amazingly they said it was okay, so here are some great reference shots showing a few things you don’t get to see, even if you’re inches from the suit.

A few of the pictures are a bit out of focus, but this was due to the haste in getting them before the exhibition staff changed their minds!

Either way they give some interesting insights into the making of the costume.

The Outer Pockets

The Breast Pocket

The Inside Pockets

Notice how the inside pocket has only one welt, and breaks into the lapel facing.
The Trousers Pockets

The Cuff Buttons

Notice there is a button missing, probably lost during the rough and tumble of filming.

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