Saturday 7 December 2013

LAST Of The Time Lords Tie?

You know, since we started to become label-aware of the ties worn by the Tenth Doctor, I’ve been keeping a good eye open on eBay to see what comes up.

In my time I have only seen one of the Thomas Nash (Tie Five) for sale; I’ve spied a few Georgio Armanis (Tie Seven) including a few in differing colour ways; and only ever a solitary Christian Lacroix (Tie Four) but that too was in an alternative colour combination.

I’m sure others have been available, but the one that KEEPS cropping up the the St George By Duffer (Tie Ten), and just to prove that another was on sale this past week.

With the increasing better and better copies available, I did just check with the seller and can confirm it is a genuine St George tie.

St. George by Duffer Gentleman's silk tie


  1. Replies
    1. It WAS an auction with a very low start price - ie a seller without knowing what he had.
      The BuyItNow appeared later where someone must have made a direct offer.
      Either way a bargain - cheaper than the Magnoli copy!!