Friday 21 September 2012

Dinosaurs On A Golf Course -
facing extinction!

Earlier this year when my friend Kevin Coppa visited the UK, wedding a photoshoot at a local golf course. But not just any golf course - a DINOSAUR golf course!

We had a great time and got some brilliant pics.

Well, I’ve just read in my local paper that the dinosaurs are in danger of extinction - not by Adric crashing a freighter into the Earth a la Earthshock - but from the Hertsmere county council who didn’t give permission for their installation.

The course borders the side of the A1, a major multi-lane road, and the imposing dinosaurs can be clearly seen by passing motorist. This in the view of the council could lead to rubbernecking the ironically rubber monsters, casing potential accidents.

Suffice to say no such collisions have occurred since they were erected a couple of years back.
Personally I quite enjoy glimpsing a 40 foot long Diplodocus and T Rex as I’m heading out of town, so long may they stay.
Borehamwood Times
The planning inspectors did!

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