Wednesday 25 July 2012

Ask Louise Page - episode four

As we enter week four of Ask Louise Page, we have two quite probing questions!

Louise talks candidly about inheriting the Doctor Who costume department, dispelling any illusions you may have about its grandure or significance.

But first she give us an insight into what might have been if money and time had been no object and reflects on some of her less proud moments.

Question 7

Question 8

Thanks to Kevin Coppa for giving the interview clips the polished look, and enormous thanks to Louise Page for sparing the time to answer all your questions

1 comment:

  1. Wow, who would have thought that the ice was dry shampoo of all things!

    Very interesting stuff. As for The Girl in the Fireplace, considering that Louise would have loved to have some more lavish costuming there, I have to admin she did an awesome job with what she could use.

    It's very convincing.

    It was also interesting to hear that a lot of the costumes from the first series was hired, and I was very interested in hearing about the 9th Doctor's leather jacket!

    Very cool stuff as always from you and Louise!